Peter Buxman






Peter Buxman has a couple of claims to fame: In 1992, he placed 4th in the world in the DCI individuals snare drum competition, and he helped set the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest drum roll by a group – 12 hours straight!

An instructor for over 20 years, Buxman draws from his past as a drum corps standout. Thus, rudiments – and their applicability to the drum kit – are a big part of his lesson plan. “I look at rudiments as a drummer’s vocabulary, much like scales would be to a violinist, “Buxman says. “They are the tools drummers express their ideas with.”

In addition to teaching 50-odd students at both Ellis Drumshop locations, Buxman is the head drum instructor for the Lakeville North High School marching band. He also works with the Pathfinders Youth Organization in Minneapolis, and somehow manages to find time to play with the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra and Steve Millar’s Variety Band.