Fred Masey






Fred Masey spent his formative years in Nashville, working the legendary music scene while earning his master’s degree in music education from Tennessee State University. A prolonged residency at Madden’s in Brainerd had Masey “feeling Minnesota,” and he was soon certified (via the U of M) to teach music in the Twin Cities.

In addition to directing the band at Highland Park Jr. High in St. Paul, Masey has been teaching drums for 26 years – including eight years at Ellis Drumshop. He currently has 22 students, and he’s always ready for more.

While Masey cites Max Roach, Art Blakey, Tony Williams  and Buddy Rich as personal influences, he’s quick to note, “I don’t teach a style – I teach strong fundamentals. It’s best for drummers to go out into the world with information on all types of music.”