Ellis Drum Company

Here’s the way it is according to Tim Ellis: “I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for vintage drums.  They have a very elegant look about them – clean and simple.  So when creating the Ellis Drum Company, that elegantly simple design concept was going to be a distinguishing feature.  Ellis Drums are a great working musicians drum – extremely light weight, very reliable and no gimmicks.  I back my drums with a lifetime warranty!”

Shells: Our wood shells are 100% maple.  Our standard ply configuration is 6 ply on toms and 8 ply on snare drums.  If mounts are going to be used on the bass drum, we’ll use a 10 ply shell.  Of course it is your choice for any ply for any drum!  Custom vintage maple or mahogany shells can be ordered, as well as a colorful array of acrylic shells.

We will cut any edge a player chooses, but our standard edges is a dual 45 degree angled edge.  Putting less material surface up against the drumhead allows the head to resonate more freely.  It also significantly increases the tuning range, especially in the upper register tuning.

Dave King says: “My Ellis Drums were made with love, my Ellis Drums were made with care, my Ellis Drums were made for me, by careful lovers of drums.  I love my Ellis Drums.”

Lugs: The lug is the main identifiable part of any drum, so we set out and designed and produced our very own patented single point contact lug.  It’s extremely low mass, so not to interfere with the shell as it resonates.  Ellis lugs are manufactured from aircraft grade machined aluminum – very strong, very lightweight, to carry from gig to gig.

Phil Hey says: ”Ellis Drums sound amazing high, low, and in between.  They tune up faster then any drums I’ve ever played.  That great vintage sound!”

Some esteemed Ellis Drummers: Brian Alexis - International Reggae All Stars; J. T. Bates - Fat Kid Wednesday, Alpha Consumer; The Pines; Nick Barbieri- The Heebie Jeebies Peter Buxman - Steve Millar and Diamondhead; Tom Drummer Guy Cook -The Magnolias; Al Church- Clustercuss, Dear Data; Crunch- Minnesota Timberwolves Mascot; Martin Dosh- Dosh, Andrew Bird, Cloak Ox; Jay Epstein – Klezmerica Red Planet, Framework; Jendeen Forberg - The Wolverines Big Band, All the Pretty Horses; Jeremy Hanson - Tapes N’ Tapes; Becky Hanton - independent; Phil Hey - The Phil Hey Quartet, Dewey Redman, Stacey Kent, X-Tet; Kenny Horst - How the Birds Work; Alden Ikeda - Don Cherry, Billy Bang; Michael “Stix” Kiley - independent; Dave King – The Bad Plus, Happy Apple; Dave King Trucking Company; Halloween, Alaska Noah Levy - The BoDeans, Peter Frampton; Fred Macy - Independent; Connor McRae - Swamp Kings, Davina and the Vagabonds; Kurt Olson - Boogie Wonderland; Eric Powers - Dave Mason, Reeves Gabrels; Greg Schutte - Lori Line;

Drum Heads: Drum heads are an integral part in making a drum sing like it should.  That’s why we use Aquarian – the best drum heads on the planet!

If the drum kit of your dreams isn’t available — or if doesn’t even exist for that matter — let the Ellis Drum Company create that unique masterpiece you’ve been scheming up in your head. We custom-build drum kits to your personal specification — any size you’d like, using any material you can imagine. From snare drums to your very own version of the SS Bozzio — no job is too big or too small.

The fit and finish on Ellis Co. drums is beyond compare. Whether you go with a wrap, paint, stain, or natural finish, your custom kit will be turning heads at every gig you play. From our unique custom tube lugs (produced locally in the Twin Cities), to our classic, Gretch-inspired circular badges, we here at Ellis Drum Company truly believe that God is in the details. Call us at (651) 603-0848 for pricing.